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Fredericksburg Technology helps your business stay safe, productive and profitable through streamlined IT management processes and technology. We bring years of expertise within countless sectors to support any type of technology needs so you can focus on your business while we handle IT management. This is why we’re Fredericksburg’s best IT services solution for business. Our team is capable of handling a large array of IT services for your business, or organization including 24/7 help desk support, and comprehensive monthly plans!

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1011A Princess Anne St,
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    Our team of dedicated IT consultants can help your company with everything from technical support to web hosting and cloud technology. Learn more about how Fredericksburg’s best managed IT services for business can help your company grow!

    Proactive Monitoring

    FXBG Tech offers 24/7 Network Monitoring for your peace of mind. We remotely monitor the devices of our clients, be it a PC, Mac, server, router or switch, we keep an eye on it and react to any issues quickly – often before you are even aware of the issue!

    Remote and on-site it support

    Managed IT services from anywhere... we can come to you to provide on-site support. Or troubleshoot and solve your IT questions remotely. Whatever works best for you, your employees, work situation, and schedule.


    Working with or supplementing an internal IT team to full outsourcing of your business IT we can provide a solution that works. We have a team of multi-skilled IT professionals that can support your business IT requirement from our offices in Fredericksburg, no matter where you are located in the US. From server and network support to desktop support and training. We can also assist with IT strategy. All our outsourced solutions are tailored to fit the needs of your business.

    remote data access

    This service allows you to store your company database in the cloud and access it from anywhere. It's incredibly convenient for business owners and employees on-the-go who need access to their information, no matter where they are.


    As your business is growing, it won't be long until you need to develop an IT asset management protocol that allows you to manage your hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle, helping to reduce business interruptions, plan budgeting effectively, mitigate risks, and gain high-level insight into how IT is driving success for your organization.

    24/7 IT Phone support

    Get help any time you need it with our 24/7 IT Phone Support services.

    anti-virus monitoring and updating

    We'll keep your site free from viruses and ensure that everything is updated to keep it safe and secure at all times.


    Our team can setup, troubleshoot, and help your business with all of their email needs.


    In the words of Microsoft, “working well means working together” and that is very much the ethos of their highly praised Office 365 platform. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of well-known workplace applications that seamlessly synch in real-time across different devices and operating systems. For the first time ever, the code base of the Office 365 offering is shared across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices – your employees can now be connected in real-time no matter what device or system they are using!


    We'll back up your server regularly, either in-person or remotely, so that your important documents and information are stored should anything catastrophic happen.



    Our team of dedicated IT consultants can help your company with everything from technical support to web hosting and cloud technology. With technology expanding and evolving so rapidly, it’s important to have a knowledgable company behind you to ensure that you’re staying up-to-date and a step ahead of your competitors.

    Absolutely. Every business is unique and we appreciate that. Our goal is to mould our services to meet your needs, whether it’s with email, on-site training, or remote fixes.

    We don’t like to brag but our team is FAST. Our average open ticket time is 30 minutes and we get in touch with clients almost immediately about issues they may be experiencing. 

    A small company that does big things, Fredericksburg Technology knows customer service and how to be flexible to meet your needs as a business. Our team of IT professionals are passionate about what we do and can give you the personalized attention that is often overlooked in the IT management world.

    Short answer: Yes.

    We’re a small business too so we understand the complexities that companies face on a day-to-day basis. We know you’re busy doing what you do best. We’re able to alleviate some of the burden from your shoulders by doing what WE do best.