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Fredericksburg's #1 IT Risk Analysis Company

Fredericksburg's #1 IT Risk Analysis Company


Fredericksburg Technology considers risk analysis a top priority for any business. We take a look from the inside and outside of your business to identify assets, risks, vulnerabilities and exploits that could affect your bottom line, and help with a plan to reduce risks wherever possible. Analyzing risk at the front line helps your business combat disruptions in service, loss of income, litigations, and a number of other debilitating problems. Don’t let a small problem become a big problem, call FXBG Tech today to discuss business risk analysis from Fredericksburg’s #1 IT risk analysis company.

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1011A Princess Anne St,
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    We take a multi-phase approach including a series of well-organized and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. We assess IT security controls as well as perform a hands on review of technical vulnerabilities. We show you the same view seen by the bad guys.

    Working collaboratively with our client, our security assessment report provides a valuable insight to your organization’s security posture and risk temperament. The result is a high-level proposed roadmap and recommendations for remediation. We often work with organizations in many industries of many sizes.

    Our methodology includes referencing standard control frameworks depending on the organization’s industry, requirements, objectives and vision. For example, we commonly reference the following frameworks and regulations:

    • ISO 2700x
    • NIST Special Publications 800-53 and 800-171
    • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework
    • PCI DSS

    The output of the technical evaluation includes specific recommendations for quick fixes as well as those which require more strategic planning. On the day the scans are executed, you are provided an informal report of Critical and High vulnerabilities and quick-win action items without waiting until the executive briefing. This provides you with a vulnerability baseline from which to manage right away.

    We leverage an array of tools in order to provide a comprehensive technical view of your vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability assessment includes scanning, auditing and/or reviewing all of the following entities. This robust vulnerability assessment is always included as a standard feature of our security assessment.

    • Internal and External Vulnerability Assessment
    • Wireless Security
    • Firewalls and IPS
    • Identity Access Management
    • Active Directory Password Strength
    • Web Application Security
    • SSL and Encryption Strength

    Security professionals hate surprises. The last thing you want to learn is that your security defenses aren’t sufficient against an amateur hacker. With an insecure system, the vulnerabilities are straightforward to exploit by a beginner or “script kiddie”. Systems can be taken offline and data can be stolen by a novice. You need to verify your defenses with penetration testing.

    Penetration testing should be completed to manage security baselines on a recurring basis, test against vulnerability to zero day threats, to maintain compliance and as part of deploying new network devices and applications.

    Penetration Testing Options

    • External network penetration tests
    • Internal network penetration tests
    • Wireless penetration tests
    • Web application penetration tests
    • Social engineering

    The multi-billion dollar hacking industry is targeting your company’s prized assets. You need a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) to separate your trusted internal network from the dangers of the public Internet.

    Beyond the basic concept of a firewall, there is a lot of complexity and a lot of choices among firewall vendors, models and configuration options. Rappahannock IT’s network and security engineers work together to guide customers through choosing the right firewall with the right features and right configuration suited to their environment.

    Through a combination of our experience deploying hundreds of firewalls and strong partnerships with vendors like Cisco and Palo Alto, we offer low product costs and high-value design, implementation and management services.



    Business IT Risk Analysis is a service performed by an IT professional where they identify and analyze potential issues that could negatively impact key business initiatives or projects in order to help organizations avoid or mitigate those risks.

    The team at Fredericksburg Technology will assess what is most important to your company with a quick conversation about your business and its operations. The first question to ask is what your assets currently are. In the context of cybersecurity, assets are all the things that need to be protected from an online attack.

    In most cases, this is the data your firm keeps. Depending on what type of business you lead, they could include designs and methods that are patented, media that you’ve produced, your historical transactions and interactions, customer details, and private knowledge. Data assets are what drive your business’s current or future revenue and give you valuable market insights. 

    Once you know exactly what assets you have that need to be protected, you can ask the specialists what the current risk factors are. There are three components that go into risk: threat, vulnerability, and consequence. Threat refers to what types of attacks you might be able to expect, for example, DDoS attacks or social engineering attacks. Most of these are either motivated by financial gain or by a political agenda.

    Your vulnerability is how much exposure you have to cybersecurity attacks. There might be flaws in your current security plan that make you particularly vulnerable to certain kinds of issues. Remember that the cybersecurity landscape is complex and always changing, so your vulnerability might increase over time. Finally, the consequence is how much damage an attack would cause to your business. We want to address high-consequence events first.

    During your risk assessment, your technology specialists will start telling you about what solutions they offer to your current vulnerabilities. There are many different strategies to fend off attacks, and they are constantly evolving as the need for security increases. Here at Edafio Technology Partners, we offer comprehensive, one-stop solutions for businesses, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors or programs.

    The most commonly used types of protection are antivirus software, a firewall, and an intrusion detection system, but these aren’t always enough to keep your assets completely safe. This is because criminals are continuously developing new viruses that your software might not yet recognize, and firewalls can be misconfigured. A vulnerability management tool can help to show up any new weaknesses, so you stay on top of your risks at all times.

    We will assess your current security system and how well it is working. There might be aspects of it that are already optimal, in which case they can be incorporated into your new overall strategy.

    Cybersecurity is a field that changes on a regular basis since criminals keep on developing new ways to gain access to your assets. For this reason, a security system that might be state-of-the-art now could be completely outdated in two or three years.

    For most firms, we recommend going through the risk assessment process approximately once every year so that we can stay on top of your firm’s vulnerabilities and needs for protection. However, you should ask us about the optimal frequency of your risk assessment because your individual needs might differ from other businesses’.