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Business phone systems are one of the most crucial avenues for companies to acquire customers and generate revenue. We can help design, install, and train your team with powerful, scalable phone systems built for the modern age.
Make sure when a customer calls your business they have a great experience with clear calls to action and easily navigable options. Seamlessly have calls route to staff that are remote, mobile, or just out of the office for the day. Give your customers the option for SMS communication with your business. Receive your voicemails via an email to the right staff member! 
These are only a few of the reasons why business phone systems are a must have when it comes to building a successful business. Read more in our FAQ about amazing business phone systems in Fredericksburg. 

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1011A Princess Anne St,
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    Why your company should invest in An AMAZING BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM

    It's Affordable

    low cost with no extra set-up, installation, or maintenance fees

    It's Easy to Use

    including intuitive, user-friendly interfaces

    It's Reliable

    your hosted system is monitored and maintained 24/7

    It's Mobile

    calls can be taken in other locations, via laptop or mobile phone



    VoIP stands for Voice of Internet Protocol and essentially lets you access phone service over the internet. When using VoIP you no longer need hard wired phone lines. This saves you time, and money! Some businesses have reported a savings cost of 50% after switching to VoIP.

    1. Announcements or Greetings are a great way to let your customers know their call is in the queue and should be attended to quickly.
    2. Auto Attendant is a great substitute for a traditional receptionist. It allows your customers to dial their way to the correct department!
    3. Busy Lamp is a great indicator to make sure a teammate doesn’t accidentally patch a call through to you if you’re already on a call.
    4. Call Forwarding is an awesome feature if you’re on the road a lot. If you spend part of your time in-office and part on the road, forward your calls to a cell phone!
    5. Call Logs are incredibly important tools that help you track sales activity, productivity, and efficiency. 

    The nice thing about VoIP systems is that they’re usually a shorter contract period and more flexible than traditional phone systems. Often, business phone systems can be month to month billing! The only thing to consider is updating hardware if the need arises as your business grows.

    Though VoIP relies on a sound internet connection for functionality the quality is vastly greater than standard landlines. VoIP calls utilize HD Voice technology.

    A great VoIP system won’t break the bank. The great thing is that Fredericksburg Technology puts together a custom package that makes sense for your needs and makes the best use of your budget. Pricing can range between $20 per month to $50 per month depending on your needs. Be sure to reach out for a custom quote!